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Marcel Mayr, originally from Bavaria and a Swiss resident since 2006, is now a Swiss citizen. He's married and has one child.

Marcel's career began with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He initially worked in the aerospace industry, focusing on the design of primary composite structures for military helicopters like NH90 and Tiger. Later, he became a Lead Design Engineer for the Airbus A350 Winglet, a key component of a popular passenger aircraft.

In 2009, Marcel transitioned to the field of Information Technology (IT). He specialized in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), xCAD, CAM, and FEM. His expertise allowed him to work as a Solution Architect, Business Engineer, and Senior Consultant in various organizations, including ROCHE, RUAG, and HELBLING.

In 2020, Marcel joined BOBST, a global packaging industry leader, as PLM STREAM LEAD. He quickly climbed the ranks, becoming the R&D Director PLM. In mid-2021, he assumed the role of Head of IT Products for R&D. Marcel's contributions were so significant that he became a member of the General Management Committee (GMC) within the company.

Marcel Mayr's journey includes experiences in aerospace, life sciences, and industrial equipment. His career trajectory from Bavaria to Switzerland, and from mechanical engineering to IT, reflects his adaptability, dedication, and success in the engineering and IT fields, all while balancing a fulfilling family life.

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