Jérémi LEPETIT - retreebCo-founder

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Serial Entrepreneur in the soul, I have accumulated over the past 10 years a rich experience by having accompanied the largest French companies in their digital transformation.

First of all, by having created MakeMeViral (2010) one of the first Social Media agencies making me one of the French experts on the Social Media scene. To which I added a Tech and BigData layer by designing, producing and editing the Social Media MakeMeStats (2016) business intelligence solution. Deeply imbued with digital culture, I thrive both on support functions (growthhacking, communication, marketing, finance, management, etc.) and on business key account functions. My entrepreneurial adventure has given me an incredibly rich experience and the opportunity to be a speaker, teacher, trainer and author (The Social Networks ed. Nathan - 2016).

Today my look is focused on the new opportunities offered by the Blockchain and its many applications in finance. I have been convinced for several years that this technology will underlying the entire web infrastructure of tomorrow.