Reiner PETZOLD - Swiss CxO Forum (SCF) & BundesverwaltungTrusted Advisor for Government, Swiss CxO Forum – Member Advisor Board & Chief Digital Officer and Business Development as Consultant Project Manager for SME, Groups, NGO/NPO, Institutes.

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Reiner Petzold


Professional Experience in Digitalization: Trusted Advisor for Governments (Switzerland, Germany and other Countries)

Swiss CxO Forum - Member Advisory Board, Chief Digital Officer and Business Development as Consultant, Project Manager for SME, Corporations, Public Companies, NGO/NPO, Institutes with a Focus on Strategy & Innovation for Digital Transformation and ICT.

Education: Executive MBA, Business Administration & Innovation Management, Digital Transformation, Leadership IMD.

Conférence & Séminaire

Gurten Pavillon  •  Köniz

Swiss Digital Convention

How can modern technologies, such as the virtual twin or an integrated modeling and simulation approach, help companies set the right course?